• Connected consumers engage with brands across an exploding array of digital platforms. How do you untangle this confusion of new technologies to find what will drive real value for you and your customers?
  • Technology has permanently altered the retail landscape in which the physical store once represented up to 90% of retail revenue. How should you plan the Store of the Future to make the physical store the asset it once was, not the liability it is becoming?
  • Supply Chain innovation will open up new ways of interacting with customers and enable new business models. How can you flip the supply chain problem from a cost challenge into a networked capability that can drive growth and help better anticipate customer needs?
  • Online stores like Amazon are innovating at tremendous pace to compete in new categories every day. How do you create an innovation capability with the potential to become a disruptor?
  • The temptation to add new technologies to “digitize” the store is great. Yet tablets lie idle in their charging cradles, and beacons fail to excite customers. How should you apply data and focused insights to make the store smarter, not just more tech-enabled?
INTRODUCING digital-futures-text Your accelerated path to a digital advantage.


Digital Futures is an innovation discovery experience that helps business leaders see the future – and seize it. With Digital Futures you become part of a creative ecosystem of strategists and technology experts who are constantly evaluating new technologies, industry trends and shifts in consumer behaviors, studying their implications for your business. Your partners in this ecosystem are Fahrenheit 212 and Capgemini Consulting and Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco.


We are leading innovation thinkers, digital experts, and consultants experienced in planning and executing complex digital transformations. We provide industry-specific services and guidance to hundreds of consumer products and retail clients worldwide, including 27 of the world’s 30 largest retailers and consumer products companies.


Market Disruptors

The next generation of private companies transforming the economy.

Industry Experts

Bright minds focused on analyzing consumer trends and behaviors in retail and consumer products.

Digital Specialists

Technologists and digital natives designing services that deliver real business value.

Leading Edge Innovators

Enterprising startups with technologies that hold immense potential.


Digital Futures is a collaborative and immersive Innovation program to help companies discover new technologies and ideas to accelerate their business. Digital Futures is a program from Capgemini Consulting and Fahrenheit-212 – the core of which is a visit to the Applied Innovation Exchange in the heart of Silicon Valley. This is not technology tourism. There are no off-the-shelf solutions. The future you will see is your future, and our team of experts will be your guide.


Before your visit, we will meet with you to learn about and understand the questions you need answered for your business, identify your goals, and gain the knowledge needed for us to design a customized experience for your team.



We will take you on a curated journey to meet a dynamic community of challengers. We’ll introduce you to a diverse roster of market disruptors, digital specialists and innovators to learn about emerging technologies.



Throughout our time at the lab we will devote time to interpreting the experience and review how these technologies can drive business growth. Our process is designed to reveal opportunities and filter for transformation potential.



After your visit we will create a highly actionable blueprint, based on our discussions. Of all the things you COULD be doing with technology, we will offer suggestions on the things you SHOULD be doing. This is the foundation for future decision-making.



With Digital Futures you gain access to the best minds and the most dynamic technology ecosystem.
Come see it. Then seize it. An accelerated path to digital advantage. Contact us today to discuss the details and plan your visit.

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